In Your house – 98


Unforgiven – April 28, 1998
Live from Greensboro, N.C.

Your hosts… are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler

  • The Rock, Mark Henry & D-Lo Brown (w/Kama Mustafa) vs.
    Faarooq, Ken Shamrock & Steve Blackman.
  • Triple H (w/Chyna) vs. Owen Hart.
  • The Midnight Express vs. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express.
  • Sable vs. Luna (w/TAFKA Goldust).
  • New Age Outlaws vs. LOD 2000 (w/Sunny).
  • The Undertaker vs. Kane (w/Paul Bearer).
  • Steve Austin vs. Dude Love

2hrs 42mins

Dvd Only – No Artwork

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