Passport To China


Richard Basehart – Athene Seyler 1961
Ex-pilot Don Benton, owner of a travel agency in present-day Hong Kong, has wide contacts throughout the East; he undertakes the rescue of a Formosan aircraft pilot missing over Communist Chinese territory, and the American secret agent who had been in the plane. With a passport to China obtained through a wartime friend, Russian agent Ivano Kang, Benton goes to Canton after rescuing the pilot. In Canton, Don finds attractive young Lola Sanchez, the American agent, who has a vital scientific formula, memorized. Kang is killed by Lola in a struggle and Don does what he can to bring the girl out of the city, but she is fatally wounded by Kang’s bodyguard. Returned to Hong Kong, Don is again asked to do undercover work for the American government; he refuses to commit himself.

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