Hammer Film Trailers


A collection of 65 hammer film trailers
Prince Of Darkness – Rasputin – Frankenstein Created Woman
7 Brothers Meet Dracula – To The Devil A Daughter
When Dinosaures Ruled The Earth – Curse Of The Werewolf
A Challenge For Robin Hood – Blood From The Mummy’s Tomb
Captain Kronos – Countess Dracula
Curse Of The Mummy’s Tomb – Sister Of Dr. Jekyll
Dracula Ad- 72 – Dracula Has Risen From The Grave
Evil Of Frankenstein – Frankenstein Monster From Hell
Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed – Hands Of The Ripper
Hell Is A City – Horror Of Dracula
Horror Of Frankenstein – Hound Of The Baskervilles
Kiss Of The Vampire – Lust For A Vampire
The Mummy’s Shroud – Night Creatures ( Cpt. Clegg )
One Million Years B.C. – Phantom Of The Opera
Quatermas And The Pit – Scars Of Dracula
Scream Of Fear – Spaceways – Stranglers Of Bombay
Taste The Blood Of Dracula – Terror Of The Tongs
Brides Of Dracula – Curse Of Frankenstein
These Are The Damned – The Devil Rides Out
The Witches ( The Devils Own ) – The Lady Vanishes
The Lost Continent – The Man Who Could Cheat Death
The Mummy – The Old Dark House
Two Faces Of Dr. Jekyll – Vampire Circus
Vampire Lovers – Viking Queen
X The Unknown – Demons Of The Mind
Fear In The Night – The Plague Of Zombies
Prehistoric Women – Straight On Till Morning
The Anniversary – The Gorgon – The Reptile
Revenge Of Frankenstein – Vengence Of She
The Satanic Rites Of Dracula – Enemy From Space
Abominal Snowman – Twins Of Evil

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