A Weekend With Lulu


Shirley Eaton – Sid James 1961
Timothy and his pal Fred use Fred’s ice cream van to tow a borrowed trailer so Timothy can enjoy a cozy holiday weekend with his fiancee, Deirdre. Deidre’s Mum insists on coming along; she doesn’t trust Timothy any more than she trusts her daughter. Fred, driving, manages to get them all losts; they inadvertently wind up in France, without food, money, gasoline or passports. In their efforts to get back to England, the quartet encounters various people: a lecherous count, a September Morn blonde, a gendarme who can be bribed with ice cream, a cafe proprietor and a bevy of attractive young women who work above his establishment, etc. To raise the fare home, Timothy and Fred work a swindle in the course of the famous Tour de France cycle race, but manage to lose the money. Back in England after a series of hectic misadventures, Timothy and Diedre finally win Mum’s approval.

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