James Fleet – Susan Wooldridge
Mike Reid – Camilla Power
3 Dvd Set – 6 Episodes

William and Susan are brother and sister. They live normal, ordinary lives coping with unsympathetic bosses, unhelpful builders, unfriendly neighbours and irritating dog-owners. They come from a normal, ordinary family, where people don’t talk to each other.But one day William comes home to find his life’s been turned upside down. Soon he and his sister are being dragged into a world of criminal grotesques where the laws of common decency do not apply and you can never find a policeman when you want one.It’s the start of a funny and frightening adventure, featuring an attractive psychopath, a retired gangster, a phobic cabbie, a disbarred lawyer, a vicious old man and a very brave auntie.

Printed Artwork On The Discs Only

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