Common As Muck – S 1+2


6 Dvd Set
Edward Woodward – Roy Hudd – Neil Dudgeon – Tim Healy

Series 1 – Trials and tribulations of a team of bin men through a number of politically motivated moves by the local council to privatise the refuse collection. The main characters are pitched against the corrupt council leaders and are seen to be taken over by a contractor and ultimately triumphing over an increasingly corrupt management.

Series 2 – With the opening episode showing the main characters being made redundant; subsequent episodes followed the lives of the characters, showing them experimenting with a number of different jobs including window cleaners, painters and decorators and in the case of Nev Smith coping with retirement after serving 45 years on the bins.

Series 1 – 1994
Series 2 – 1997

Discs Only ( Printed Artwork )

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