Big Deal – Series 2+3


Ray Brooks – Sharon Duce
8 Dvd Set – 20 Episodes
Big Deal, concentrated on the ups and downs of small time London gambler Robbie Box (played by Brooks), and the effect that his poker addiction has on his long suffering girlfriend Jan Oliver (Duce) and family. It was a television comedy/drama series produced by the BBC between 1984 and 1986.

Series One Also Available £10  – Email Me

Special Feature: Bobby G  Big Deal Video’s

Please Note: These Were Recorded By Me From Satellite Tv
To Vhs In The Early 90s, Edited From The Vhs  And Put Onto Dvd With Menu, Quality Is Pretty Good On This Set.. You Can’t Get This Set Of Series 2/3 In The Shops As They Haven’t Been Commercially Released

Printed Artwork On The Discs Only

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