From Beyond The Grave


Peter Cushing – David Warner 1974
An antique store proprietor promises a little `something extra’ with everything he sells.

  • 1: Edward Jeffries buys a mirror for his apartment. One evening he finds the urge to hold a seance. There he is possessed by a man in the mirror who uses Jeffries to lure girls to the apartment and sacrifice them so that he might gain physical form again.
  • 2: A hen-pecked husband befriends a street peddler and begin an affair with the man’s strange daughter. The daughter then shows him how to use a voodoo doll to get rid of his nagging wife.
  • 3: A man encounters a batty old woman on a train who tells him he has an elemental spirit on his shoulder. When he finds himself strangling his wife, he is forced to call upon the woman’s services to exorcise the spirit.
  • 4: A man buys an antique door and finds that it opens back into the era of Charles I.
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